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I want to get unlost

I'm Iny, 15 and really confused.
I tend to get horribly addicted to TV shows (especially period dramas) and books and fall in love with fictional characters on a daily basis.

This blog is currently mainly Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, The Hobbit and The Hour centric.

Nov 24 '12

Regarding Downton Abbey Series 4

First of all, I don’t really like writing my opinion down as I can be horribly fickle-minded, but I’m going to do it anyway as I don’t think I could hurt anyone by posting this. (I’m on my phone so I can’t do a read more, terribly sorry) I know the fandom is now experiencing mixed feelings regarding the new series of Downton and I completely understand. On one hand, we all want our lovely, wonderful show and its characters back, see them well and happy (and alive) and, well, just have more nice episodes we can enjoy and fangirl over. On the other hand, we’re all frightfully scared of Julian Fellowes and his need to finish off some of our favourite characters. Because of the way Sybil’s death has deeply scarred us all we obviously don’t want anyone else to share her fate and, seeing as the show has gradually become more and more dramatic (and homicidal), we fear for our loved ones.
But the main point of my posting this on here is that, in my opinion, we should all start trusting Fellowes a bit more. After all, he created all this show with its wonderful characters and, (although we will never truly forgive him for killing off sybil) I don’t think he’ll be as heartless as to… Wait… Stop… I-… Shit. Okay screw the expressive language now, I’ve just come here to tell you that you should actually be happy and excited for a new series because being happy is always better than worrying BUT, fact is, I just realised that, even if I do desperately want another series, I AM SO SO SO WORRIED FOR MY BABIES OH GOD OH GOD PLEASE DON’T KILL ANYONE, PLEASE, PLEASE FELLOWES I’M BEGGING U!!!

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